Thurs Threads week 91


“What’s wrong with these people,” the prince said, taking a sip from his Cristal Big Gulp. The 3D holographic projector was showing the riots in the streets, 200 meters below, and the faint echo of screams wafting up through his windows was nothing more than a murmur. “They’re killing each other, and they don’t even realize that it’s their fault they don’t have food.”

“They don’t understand that the loss of the Great Plains affected us all. Have they even tried the corn from Antarctica? They call it super-sweet, but it’s not.” The princess walked to the window and sighed. “I don’t even know if we’re going to be able to make it to the Mediterranean this weekend, and we promised that we’d bring the pheasants for the hunt.

“I can’t believe these…animals…are going to get in our way, after all our hard work.”

“Unless we remove them.”

“Can we do that? I know they’re a menace to themselves, but do we have the right…” She tried to look concerned, but mostly she was excited. The prince showing his strength always aroused her…interest.

“Not just the right, the responsibility. I’m not their prince to let the world fall apart like this.” The projector switched from passive to active mode, and he raised his laser pistol, selecting the ones who most offended him. On the street below, people died without knowing they were under attack. The demonstration turned into a rout, but the prince didn’t stop, not until much, much later.


One Response to “Thurs Threads week 91”

  1. So creepy, and very well written 🙂

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