Finish That Thought 15


When the moon exploded, I was sitting in my backyard, popping the cork on a bottle of champagne. The debris would rain down on the world over the next few hours, causing tsunamis, fireballs in the sky, and crushing humanity from above. In the meantime, it was my anniversary, and I was going to celebrate. I drained my glass in a single swallow and tossed the glass out into the yard. The glass shattered on a rock, just like my life. I lifted the bottle to my lips and began drinking in earnest.

The first fireballs streaked across the sky by the time I’d switched to whiskey. Marie had hated the smell of whiskey, but she was thousands of miles away with Stephen, sunning topless on a beach in the French Riviera. That she scheduled her honeymoon to overlap with our anniversary didn’t surprise me. She was vindictive, always had been. She wanted me to suffer, to miss her and the love I’d thought we shared. But she was the one who would suffer.

The explosion wouldn’t be visible from where she was. I’d planned it that way. All she’d know was that her new marriage would last until the end of the world.


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