Mid Week Blues Buster – week 36

Prompt: http://thetsuruokafiles.wordpress.com/2013/10/22/mid-week-blues-buster-week-36/

I felt the drums before I heard them, a rumbling deep in my bones that drove me through the alley to the street. It was fully dark by now, and I’d warmed up some at home, enough that the combination of the buzz and the music made me feel a lot more attractive than I’m sure I was. Still, this wasn’t the night for half-measures, and I strode into the club as if I belonged there, and wasn’t just a slightly overweight geek in borrowed clothes.

The looks from the gathering of men in the door triggered every one of my self-doubts, and I fought hard not to let it show on my face. They were everything I wasn’t – strong, self-confident, possessors of ripped abs and style, the kind of men I’d always known looked down on me as some sort of lesser man-beast. But she hadn’t invited them here tonight. She didn’t know their names. And she wouldn’t be going home with any of them after a night of … well, whatever consenting adults did in a place like this.

I just hoped she’d be going home with me.

Making my way past the bros guarding the door, I found my way to the bar and waved to the bartender. Their drink menu was online, and I’d done the research to find out exactly which kinds of whiskey they had, what they tasted like, and which ones I could afford enough of to show her a good time. She didn’t want fruity, she didn’t want wine. She wanted…

“Booker’s. Two. Neat.” There she was, pressed up against me, tight in the ever-crowding room. Her skin was hot through my jeans, and I licked my lips involuntarily. I knew a man could get lost swimming among the stars swirling in her eyes from the flashing lights. I already was.

“I knew you were a smart man. And one who can follow instructions.”

I swallowed, my voice lost in a din of chaos in my mind. Women like this didn’t talk to me. Women like this didn’t smile at me. Women like this didn’t breathe into my ear and wink at me.

“Relax. Have a drink. Have a few. The night is young.”

We made our way to a corner and had that drink. And then another. And another. I don’t know what we said. I don’t know if we spoke aloud. But the buzz in my head grew, and my face grew numb, and I knew I had to kiss her. The whiskey on her tongue tasted even better than on mine, and my body quickly responded to this new intoxication, shivers of lightning running over my skin. She leaned back, breaking the kiss, and took another drink. Putting her cup down, she reached out for my hand.

“It’s time. Time to make me howl.”

Her fingers intertwined with mine, and I pressed my knuckles against the ring, and the stone atop it. She smiled at me, the smile I saw in my dreams, the smile I saw every morning when I woke up.

“Thank god your parents have the kids.”


One Response to “Mid Week Blues Buster – week 36”

  1. Loved it. You made an old trick feel new. 🙂

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