Five Sentence Fiction – Determination


The tears flowed easily, pouring out of me in great sobs of angst and despair that did nothing to cauterize the wounds deep inside. I slept at night because I exhausted myself talking to strangers as lonely and bereft as I was, watching as their messages became less and less frequent until they stopped entirely, as their senders returned to the emptiness they called their lives. Each morning, a shower and some caffeine washed away the remnants of the previous night’s misery, enough that I could make my way from the island of safety that was my barren apartment to the cubicle where I could pretend to have a measure of privacy in which to drop my shield. But the clock ticked forward relentlessly, pulling me into the future at a rate of one second per second, and the time came every day where I could no longer hide. Stepping into the crowd, I let the chaos of life ensorcell me, drawing strength from that reservoir which somehow never seemed to empty, and from which I one day hoped I’d regain the capacity to feel joy.


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