VisDare 43: Memory


I lose you a little bit more every day. Not the fact of you, that you existed once upon a time, that you were part of a life filled with small victories and large tragedies and moments of a peace that I’ve never been able to re-acquire. I have cards and photos and journal entries detailing that life, the life that once was and is no longer. But those could be props from someone else’s life, the debris from a movie I starred in once but which was nothing more than the dreams of a lonely writer. I can no longer hear the timbre of your voice, feel the emanations from your hand, taste the anger which soared to my lips every time you brought up my failure to live the life you envisioned for me. The past moves ever ever on, carrying us all to the darkness that awaits.


One Response to “VisDare 43: Memory”

  1. A very bittersweet tale indeed. I very much like the flow of this piece. The imagery is crisp and precise while at the same time portraying an air of mistiness and imprecision…almost as if the writer himself is unsure of what are his actual memories and what are stylized imaginations.

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