FlashFriday, week 48

Prompt: http://flashfriday.wordpress.com/2013/11/01/flash-friday-48/

The wildflowers made sweet sibilant sounds as they slid against the side of the car, but the ones I ran over and crushed beneath the wheels remained silent. I let the car coast to a stop as I neared the fence and turned off the ignition, letting the ambient sounds of the meadow wash over me. The door opened easily, and I stepped out into the meadow, the springy grass buoying me as I walked to the fence. Strung by my grandfather, the wire was bent and rusted in spots, but still strong enough to stop a frisky cow from an expensive adventure. I thought back to the summer after my high school graduation and how I’d promised myself I’d walk every inch of the fence. But I didn’t. There was Lanie. And then college. And a job, and a promotion, and a funeral, and …

And. My life for years had been nothing but and. I could feel myself thrumming, like this wire fence when a dust storm flew out of the north, and I was done. But how do you take away one piece of a tapestry, one and too many, without it unraveling? Someone probably knew, but I didn’t. I gripped the wire tight in my hand, letting the edges cut off the circulation in my fingers, and tried to just breathe. The air wouldn’t come, though, and for a time I thought I would never be able to do that simple thing again.




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