Finish that thought, week 18


I cared what Rachel thought, so when she dared me, I knew I was in trouble. “Just one step. One little step. You take thousands of steps every day.” She giggled. “Sometimes, you even dance in the shower, and you take all sorts of cute steps then.”

My face had been beaten red by the fierce northerly winds, but a bucket of red paint wouldn’t have covered my blush. “You, you’ve seen that? I thought I was alone!”

“Oh, you know you have no secrets, not from me.” Rachel sat down on a nearby rock and crossed her arms, hands balled into fists. I’d seen that gesture a thousand times. It meant that she was going to win the argument, no matter how long I fought. She caught the look in my eyes and smiled her gentlest grin. “See, wisdom comes to us all before the end.

“Just one step.”

I sighed. She wasn’t to be denied. Still, the view over the edge discombobulated me. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t think as I gazed into the maw of the great valley, the bottom hidden in low-lying clouds and fog. The wind gusted, pushing me back, and in the stumble, I was able to regain myself. Rachel was completely unaffected by the wind – it didn’t even seem to muss her hair – but she was done with my dawdling.

“One. Step. Now.”

Nodding, I stepped back to the edge. I didn’t see terror below anymore. I saw the possibilities that lay in the unknown of the future. I took the step.

Behind me, the wind whipped over the empty ledge, carrying my screams to no one.

277 words
Special Challenge accepted


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