3VisD, week 1

Prompt: http://anonymouslegacy.blogspot.com/2013/11/nano-3visd-1-defiance-water-druids.html

Three men there were, though once they were legion. Three men there were, a bulwark against that which came to consume the world. Three men there were, frozen in between moments, waiting until they were needed.

One man there was, a scion of a legacy long thought lost. One man there was, who had learned the lessons of the dark and absorbed their power. One man there was , on a journey of a thousand nights.

The water rippled almost imperceptibly at first, the disturbances building in intensity as the quester neared his prey. The only light came from the hate in his eyes, so he kept them closed, letting the darkness guide him. There was power here, power in the guardians, and power in the dark, but there would be no battle, no clash of theurgies. Not tonight. It had been too long since the three had been called upon to act. Too long since they’d been roused.

Three men there were, all that was left of the army of the light. Three men there were, still as statues, eroding in the water.

One man there was, and the time had come to act. I opened my eyes, and the guardians flinched, moving for the first time in millennia. The age of light had ended, and I brought dark upon the world.


One Response to “3VisD, week 1”

  1. So many eerie pieces, so much curiosity, great piece.

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