Five sentence fiction – highway


The road ahead of me disappeared into the horizon, manufacturing itself out of nothing as I drove, but never revealing to which ends it went. I had no maps with me, no GPS to guide my way, no destination in mind. But I had a full tank of gas, twenty thousand in cash in the trunk, a thermos full of whiskey and coffee, driving music on the radio, and, for the first time in a decade, no one in the passenger seat. An exit sign crept up on the right side of the road, a green and white icon of someone’s home. But not mine.


2 Responses to “Five sentence fiction – highway”

  1. Sounds as if the guy you’re writing no longer as a care in the world. He’s free as a bird for the first time in decades since he’s finally retired, and now all the time he needs to go to places he’s never been to. Or his wife has thrown out the unemployed, drunken bum of a husband, with the clothes on his back and in the trunk, the thermos full of Irish coffee, and the cash from half of their joint savings account; and now with no place to call home he’s driving aimlessly on one highway after another, searching for something he’s not sure of. Loved the images you’ve created here.

    Awaiting now to hear your response to my endeavor for this week,

  2. That 20,000 in cash could come in handy on a road trip 🙂 Enjoyed the feeling you evoked with this piece.

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