Five sentence fiction – alone


Emma sat in her assigned seat, third from the back in the fifth row from the door. But Kyle Matthews, who’d been next to her in every class they’d shared for a decade, wouldn’t be making oinking noises when she leaned over to get something from her backpack. And Mrs. Ronson, who’d spent the last fourteen years trapped in the emotional jail that her husband had artfully crafted for her, wouldn’t be spending today undermining Emma with less-than-subtle reminders of each time she’d gotten a wrong answer on a test. She pulled out her phone and opened her contacts, smiling at the empty page. She’d gotten all of them, and it was time to learn.


2 Responses to “Five sentence fiction – alone”

  1. Ooo, scary overtones in there! Like it!

  2. Wow, don’t mess with that girl! I loved it!

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