Flash Friday, volume 2, Week 1

“Is’t the sem one that et Momma?” It had been a pretty springtime day when Tyra had come down to the lake to do the washing. Her disappearance had been the central fact in his young life and he’d been waiting for today with all of the patience of a caged cave troll.

“You bet. Only one dragon around these parts since Grandpaw’s grandpaw was a babe.”

There she was – no dragon could ignore the treat I had on my line, brought in from the best fishing grounds I knew. She rounded the hill, settling her bulk on the gravelly beach.

And then she did something so familiar, yet so unexpected. I’d seen Tyra roll her eyes at me a million times, and her laughter rang off the hills. “I should have known it was you. I’m supposing you want this.”

As her maw opened wide, I caught the glint of Tyra’s locket, the chain looped around a vicious-looking fang.


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