Flash Friday, volume 2, Week 2

It had been more than five hundred years since the last shots were fired in the Great War, but Sergeant Ryan Collins still manned his post. His last orders were to stand his ground no matter what, and he obeyed. He didn’t leave his post when the fusillade from the East signaled the start of the invasion. He didn’t run for cover when the big guns came out, and the noise from the cannons was only eclipsed by the screams of the wounded.

And when the covering fire from his flank pierced his lungs and shattered three vertebrae, still Sergeant Ryan Collins stood his post. No one had the heart to bury him, when at last the smoke cleared and the victory celebrated. Mortal flesh decays rapidly under the onslaught of nature, but not his. Standing there, covered in the snow of an eternal winter, Sergeant Collins stayed faithful, watching for an invasion from the East that would never come.


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