Flash Friday, volume 2, Week 3

Laurie frowned, looking down at Creation. She’d remembered to add the sodium without making the oceans explode this time, but life didn’t arise on any of the planets she’d made.


She was never going to graduate, and she couldn’t bear the thought of being held back in Divinity School.

Across the classroom, her neighbor Melissa wasn’t having any of these problems. Laurie could see tiny spacecraft travelling through her interstellar medium already, even before the teacher’s demonstration Creation. It wasn’t fair. Melissa was prettier, taller, and Laurie just knew that Thomas was going to ask her to the dance next month.

Shaking her head, Laurie disposed of her Creation and began assembling the ingredients to try again. Maybe a touch more carbon this time. A flushing sound to her left interrupted her thoughts, and she saw that Thomas was in the same predicament she was. He smiled shyly at her, mouthing “help me!”

Maybe there was hope after all.


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