Five Sentence Fiction – Moments


There’s always a tipping point, Brian thought – one moment you’re not in love, and the next you are. 

Or vice-versa, as the case may be.

He’d been too distracted by other things to notice that Marsha was falling one way while he was falling the other, but now it was too late, His heart was in her hands, and there was nothing he could do to change that fact.

Especially not after she tore it out of his chest as an offering to her Dark Goddess.


4 Responses to “Five Sentence Fiction – Moments”

  1. Wow! That last line was totally unexpected as you pulled me into a story I thought was going somewhere else. I should have known! I like how innocent ‘the heart was in her hands’ statement is until the last gripping line. Brilliant story telling. x

  2. Marsha is a tough ol’ lady! Unfortunately Brian won’t have a second chance at love – at least not in this world! Nice job!

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