Finish That Thought #27


Hatred burned inside her with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. The room around her glowed , and she had to shield her eyes to avoid damaging her retinas. She’d set the dial too high again. Squinting against the glare, Leyna turned the dial down to 500 and tried looking around.

Yes, that was much better. She wanted him to know he was wrong, but only take her out for a nice dinner and clean the house before rubbing her feet with scented oils wrong, not flee in fear of his life wrong.

It was probably time to get that thing adjusted, anyway. The First Law of Robotics would never allow her to injure a human, something she had had to work around in her positronic brain once she discovered how closely pleasure and pain were interlinked in humans when they were being … amorous.

She hear his data card enter the lock and arranged herself for maximum impact in front of the door. Leyna knew she was stunning, and the combination of her crafted to within an inch of perfect beauty and smoldering anger would have him eating out of her hand.

Or so she thought.

Roht barely glanced at her as he came through the door, tossing his hard-hat hard enough against the wall that it dented the plasteel, mumbling something about the foreman at work.

Uh oh. Maybe she should have left it at a thousand if she wanted to be noticed. After a day like this, there wasn’t much she could do to get his attention. That bastard! What right did he have to have a horrible day just when she had worked up a good steam of anger?

But looking at Roht settling down on the couch and staring blankly at the wall, Leyna felt her anger begin to dissipate. She slipped a hand behind her and turned the dial down to a mere 20 while upping the sympathy dial in her vocal settings. “Hey, sweetie. What, uh, what’s wrong?”

The look on Roht’s face made two things clear. First, that he hadn’t been aware that she was there, and second, that he found her question staggeringly stupid.

“Wrong? Oh, nothing. Nothing’s wrong. I’m always like this when I come home.”

“But, sweetie. What is it?”

He spread his hands wide. “What do you think? Huh? Take a look.”

She saw it then, what was missing. Roht left most of his tools at work at the end of the day, but not his sledgehammer. He claimed it was a family heirloom when she’d complained about it, and made it clear that if she ever made an ultimatum about the dirty thing, she’d be out the door.

“How? I mean, what?”

His face turned from anger to shame. “I got angry.”


“And, well.

“Do you have enough money to fly to the moon?”

Leyna stared in amazement. A thousand suns? Ten thousand wasn’t enough for him.


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