Five Sentence Fiction – Moon


Rising fat and full opposite the setting sun, the dull orange light reflected by the moon danced in my eyes like the fires that would be lit once it reached its apex in the sky. I would burn in those fires, as my father burned five hundred fortnights ago, and as my children would burn when their turn came. That I wouldn’t be around to see it was one of the few blessings left to me, the other a small vial I’d kept secret since the last day I’d seen my father. I had to drink it now, now before they came, now before my hands would be lashed to the cross, now before I lost any power to act as a willful, independent being in my own life. Death would clasp me to her bosom tonight, of that I was sure, but the numbness would carry me into death with my eyes open, without pain.


2 Responses to “Five Sentence Fiction – Moon”

  1. Love this!!! Your writing has really matured in the last year.

    • Thank you! It’s hard for me to see, since I’m up close to it, so I really appreciate when someone can give me an outside perspective on my writing. 🙂

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