Monday Mixer, January 13, 2014


“Real cordovan, my fundament. If this chair is anything fancier than rathide, I’m Merlin’s third testicle.”

Anala glared at her husband. “Don’t be fatuous, Richard. We both know that Milady’s patronage is our only hope of getting to court by midsummer.”

Richard sighed, trying, but failing, to find comfort on the unevenly overstuffed cushions. “Oh, do have faith. I’ll truckle and bow until my forehead is polished smooth by this limestone she calls a marble floor, and we’ll get back to court before the coronation.

“And I did warn you that your dining habits were going to get us into trouble, so remember that before you spin me another glurge about this being somehow my fault.”

“But the Queen had so many children. What need had she of Roderick? It wasn’t like he was going to inherit anything.” Anala’s eyes grew wicked. “And he was so very tasty.”

Footfalls in the hall indicated that their hostess was arriving, and Richard rose to greet her. Lady Esther’s gaze was as vapid as her reputation had indicated, but what drew Richard’s gaze was the expansive bosom revealed by her quite inappropriate gown.

Anala chuckled to herself. It was his turn, after all.

200 words




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