Finish That Thought, week 28


“Nothing good ever happens after midnight,” Rabbit whispered, “nothing. My aunt got eaten by a barn owl one night when she thought she’d gotten a late-night craving for Farmer Meadow’s carrots.”

“Oh, quit your worrying, floppy-ears. There’s nothing out here that we can’t get away from. And the best bugs don’t come out until dark.”

“You and your superior sonic hearing again. You wouldn’t be acting all high and mighty if there were humans around. They think I’m cute. You, they hit with tennis racquets. And stop flitting about when I’m trying to talk to you!”

Bat settled on an overhanging branch and munched a particularly large insect of indeterminate species. “Fine.” She chewed for a bit. “He’s almost here, by the way.”

Rabbit squeaked. “He is? Give me some notice, next time!”

“Oh, sure – one moment, you’re berating me for my sonar, the next you want me to use it more. And they call birds flighty.”

“You know I could never live without you. I’m just nervous.”

“Try to be less nervous. Here he comes.”

A rustling in the hedges confirmed Bat’s statement, and out popped Mouse. He involuntarily recoiled when he saw Bat hanging overhead, then skittered over to Rabbit’s side. “I don’t know that I’ll ever get used to hanging out with her like that.”

“You do look awfully tasty tonight.”

Rabbit glared at Bat. “Oh, stop it. You’re not going to eat him, and he knows it. Mouse, did you get it?”

This time it was Mouse’s turn to glare. “Of course I did. Have I ever not gotten it?”

“You’re the best, little guy. I love ya. If I wasn’t genetically programmed to eat you, I’d invite you over for a look at my etchings.” Bat flew down from the branch and landed next to Mouse. “Can we see it?”

“I hid it – do you think I’m that dense?”

“Well, where is it then?”

Mouse looked down at the grass and mumbled something that Rabbit couldn’t quite hear, but Bat caught on right away.

“What! You what? He ate it!”

“Ate it?” Rabbit screeched. “I’ll eat you!”

“Hey, that’s my line!”

“It wasn’t my fault!” Mouse cried. “They put it in the cheese. The cheese! How was I supposed to know?”

“What are we going to do now? We needed that potion to become human again!”

Mouse smiled. “You mean you needed the potion.” He started to glow, swelling in size until he was much larger than Rabbit. Mouse’s large, pink hands reached out to grab his friends, holding Rabbit by the scruff of his neck and ignoring Bat’s furious bites.

“Stop it! I promise that I’ll take care of you until we can find more.”

“I told you nothing good happens after midnight.”


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