Mid week Blues Buster, week 44

Prompt: http://thetsuruokafiles.wordpress.com/2014/01/14/mid-week-blues-buster-week-44/

I trudged through the knee-deep snow, my bare feet sinking through the icy crust to press into the loosely-packed fill below. The street was full of cars, but none of them were hers. She wasn’t at any of the parties inside the brick and wood and plaster that kept the people of this world separated from the vagaries of winter. The warm yellow glow and high laughter that spilled from the windows was my life, once, although I hated it. I hated her, hated what she made me feel.

No. I loved her. I hated me.

Around the corner, the scene changed. She was walking with me now, having left the party to come find me. “But.” I said. “You weren’t there. I was alone.”

“You still are alone. I don’t want you. I’ve chosen someone else.”

Her feet didn’t crunch in the snow as she walked, although she left footprints to mark her passage. “You look awful. Fat. Bald. Naked in the snow.”

I looked down, following her gaze. How had I not noticed that I was out here naked? It was much too cold, and what if someone saw.

She read my thoughts. “Oh, don’t worry. No one cares. How I ever lay there with you on top of me, I’ll never know. Here, take my gloves.”

Now the cold came, and her gloves were not nearly enough to cover me. “I have to go. They’re waiting for me, you know.” She left me outside, by her car, the blue one parked on the street. I tried the door – she wouldn’t have left me here if there wasn’t some salvation, some protection from the cold. She didn’t mean what she said.

The handle was cold and unyielding, and the wind arose in the west.

Parties would be letting out soon, as people told themselves they weren’t too drunk to drive home to relieve the babysitter. I would be exposed. Caught. She’d left me here.

But she was right. No one cared.


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