Flash Friday, volume 2, week 6

Prompt: http://flashfriday.wordpress.com/2014/01/17/flash-friday-vol-2-6/

 “I wanna ride the dragon!” The dual cry of my children, synchronized but not harmonized, soared above the din of the carnival, Maya’s trembling alto rising to a squeak above Christopher’s crackling not-quite-baritone. With the lines like they were, we only had time for one last ride before heading out to meet Jenny for dinner, so I couldn’t even have them trade off. Who designs a roller coaster with only one dragon? Everybody likes dragons.

I frantically looked over the other cars, hoping that a solution would appear. Ninety-two in the shade, we’d all been stuffed with more lemon shakeups than should be legally allowable, and if I didn’t come up with a solution quickly, we’d be that family everyone told judgmental stories about on their way home.

Ah – there we go. “Christopher, did I ever tell you about the Cosmic Turtle that carried the Earth on its back?” Maya smiled, but Chris was hooked. He loved a good story.


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