Flash Friday, volume 2, week 8

Prompt: http://flashfriday.wordpress.com/2014/01/31/flash-friday-vol-2-8/

The first car seen on Park Street passed without incident, early in the morning on June 12. The second car, driven by Maude Emberson, the preacher’s wife, on the other hand, was the talk of Dunham’s Corner for a month of Sundays. She did hit ol’ Tom Coston’s gravestone, but that was the least-gossiped about part of the day, even though it had been made up the city special by men from the old country. It wasn’t until later, when Bill Warren, the constable, blacksmith, and butcher, arrived, that they realized what was special about Maude’s accident. Bill had seen a whole bunch of cars when he and his missus honeymooned in New York City, but those cars all had four wheels. The three-wheeled car wasn’t why Bill picked up the phone to call the FBI, though, nor why reporters descended on Dunham’s Corner like ants on a roast chicken at a picnic. Apparently, most cars those days didn’t fly.


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