Monday Mixer


I’ve done things I’m not proud of – but I’m not no penitent man, kneeling before a statue of Buddha Christ, or whoever the kids are worshipping these days. Hell, I didn’t even kneel when I puked anymore. Couldn’t be sure I’d get back up. I’d passed obese a long time ago and had settled into my true self – the only corpulent thief in the city, though I could still traipse through a garden without leaving so much as a toeprint.

It’s a gift. Screw you.

This time, though. This time, I royally fucked up. This whole job was predicated on my ability to round up people who provided a complement to my skills – I glided through gardens like an angel, but scaling the side of a building wasn’t my scene. As I’d looked over the usual suspects, I was far from euphoric – I’d killed one too many of my rivals when crabby, and I’d been known to bristle at an underdone steak.

I’d heard the bruit that she was back in town, but I ignored it. Women like her – well, they didn’t come back. But when I saw her in the vault, holding that statue, I knew what I’d forgotten.


Overachiever. Got all 9.


4 Responses to “Monday Mixer”

  1. Wow! These words just eluded me…but you’ve got them in place seamlessly!

  2. Great job, your word choices were perfect 🙂

  3. You really used the prompts well, they fit perfectly, nice flow and voice too. x

  4. I liked how this read. It had a “cool” beat to it. Well written as well. You worked this week’s words in beautifully.

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