Vis Dare 47: Contemplating


The ballgame didn’t start for three hours, and batting practice wouldn’t start for 45 minutes, when Marjorie London settled into her seat – Section 222, Row 9, Seat 14. The bunting along the bricks gleamed in the late-morning sun, the clean red, white, and blue a striking counterpoint to the sea of neatly-trimmed green and carefully groomed brown of the field. It hadn’t been that long ago that everything in sight was covered in a stifling blanked of ice and snow, and spring still tentatively filled the air, intertwined with the last of the cold, now receding to the north.

Technically, she wasn’t allowed in the park this early, but she wasn’t just sitting in her seat, she was sitting in her mom’s seat, and in Grandpa Jack’s seat, and rules were made to be broken. Marjorie pulled out her knitting and began work on the next project. Spring was here, and summer would soon follow, but there was always another fall, when the season ended and the green turned to brown, and then to white, and she could always use another sweater.


2 Responses to “Vis Dare 47: Contemplating”

  1. I really like the style and tone of this. You fit a lot into 150 words. Nice work!

  2. Another great entry from one of my favorite VisDare people. Wouldn’t have fit this photo into a baseball context – but that’s what I love about your work. A Dr Magoo speciality. 🙂

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