Flash Friday, Volume 2, week 9!

Prompt: http://flashfriday.wordpress.com/2014/02/07/flash-friday-vol-2-9/

First, the violins. Then the snap of the snare. My countrymen, holding blue and yellow and white flags, leapt to their feet as our national anthem filled the stadium, their cheers echoing into the night.

All for me.

Stepping to the top of the medal stand, I was the center of attention as I would be forever more. Cameras from around the world zoomed in on me, the strutting peacock of the Americans at the head of the pack, and I waved, like the dutiful son of the motherland I was assumed to be.

But I saw none of that. My eyes were focused on the one face not in the crowd. My brother. The lucky one. Lost in an unmarked grave at the start of the genocide that birthed our nation. I’d live on as a symbol of the victory of hate over peace, feted by kings, while he had nothing but eternal sleep in the arms of angels.


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