Flash Friday, vol 2, week 13

Prompt: http://flashfriday.wordpress.com/2014/03/07/flash-friday-vol-2-13/

To the Victors

Marie could tell from the knock at the door that Henri was as weary as she was. He usually made one delivery each week, but this was the seventh today. Even so, she was shocked at what opening the door revealed. Henri was sitting, exhausted, on a large milk jug, with twenty – no, thirty – others strewn around the porch. One was balanced precariously on the edge, and as they watched with more detachment than either would have ever imagined possible, it slowly toppled over, landing with a soft splat in the garden. She thought of the years they’d suffered through, where even a drop of the life-giving liquid was considered precious, and now neither of them bothered to move to prevent gallons of blood from fertilizing her azaleas. The cannons fired again, and Henri looked up in dismay.

“Leave it be, love. They can’t stop killing each other, the humans, and there’ll be plenty of blood left tomorrow.”


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