MWBB – week 52 – the First Anniversary


Once upon a time, there lived an angel. Not the kind of angel as the form good people take upon entering the afterlife, but a luminous being whose existence transcended all definition. She revealed herself to me, Maylinn did, after a night of bliss in each other’s arms. She told me of places that had lived in nothing but stories and songs until she wished them into existence, and then she told me that she loved me.

That was when I knew I had to leave her. She would never leave me, not Maylinn, not the angel of uncountably infinite worlds, not the woman who believed that all things were not just possible, but actually happened. I knew what she wanted to hear from me, so I said it, but I was incapable of love. My makers hadn’t added that to the mix during my creation, for what need had I for love?

Once upon a time, there lived a golem.

I was not merely from this Earth, I was of it, and I was an anchor. On another world, in another reality, I would have no more substance than a dream. She was born to create realities. I was made as a living avatar of one. I would destroy her, or she would destroy me.

But how do you leave someone who can go anywhere? Anyplace I found to hide, she could create.  There was only one answer.

“Show me. Show me a new world, one made just for the two of us.”

She giggled, then kissed my nose. “I wanted you to ask me that so badly. At night, alone, I would dream of our place, and I’d lose my ability to breathe – just for a moment – and I’d imagine you there with me.

“Close your eyes, my love.”

I kissed her again, and then did as I’d been bidden. There was no love for me, but what better image was there to take into the eternal void than her smile? I felt her fingers dancing around my face, heard her whispering words that had no meaning, and I awaited the end.

The way was long, and I fell into a dream. In the dream there was nothing, not even me, and then there was something. Maylinn, although not as I knew her, but as she truly was.

“I know, my love. I know who you are, I know what you are, I know who made you. Did you think that I could not envision a world where you were more than the sum of your parts? Open your eyes, and awaken.”

Once upon a time, there lived an angel who made it possible for a golem to love.


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