Mid-week Blues Buster, week 2.10

Prompt: http://thetsuruokafiles.wordpress.com/2014/05/20/mid-week-blues-buster-week-2-10/

For seven brothers

I open my eyes and see nothing. Still dark. Good – that will give me time to prepare. I let them out at night, sometimes when they get too wild and rambunctious. They’re too dangerous to be out on their own, really, even at night, but I’ve been getting more and more convinced that they don’t obey me as much as they tolerate me.

The first one, as always, is in the bed next to me. I can feel its weight pressing down on me, trying to keep me here, unmoving, alone. It’s big, and heavy, but easy to catch, and goes into its cage more docilely than some days. I could be happy about this, but I suspect it bodes ill for the rest.

Padding into the bathroom, I step over the toilet to drain my overnight waste products. As I take my penis in my hand, I feel it beginning to grow, and I know the second one has followed me in here. It’s been out all night, gathering sounds of couples (and sometimes more) satiating themselves in the dark. This morning, it has a special treat for me, a window shade left open, allowing it to record the delicious sights hidden inside. I know what it wants, and I give in, just for a moment, distracting it just long enough. Then cage number two is filled.

The water is hot this morning, before everyone else in the building is awake. Before the mirror fogs over, I catch a glance of my naked body in the mirror and smile. Who wouldn’t be proud of such a physique, especially at my age? And it takes effort, that’s god’s honest truth, walking to work every day, eating organic and vegan. All those things I deprive myself of – I deserve something more than just a clean bill of health at the doctor’s office. Then the fog comes, and I see it there, just in the last corner that’s clear. It could run, but it never thinks I’ll catch it. But I do.

Finally clean and dressed, I pick up the remote, hoping to flip on the news and catch up on what happened overnight – I don’t want to know, but I need to know. But then I remember – the TV died last week. An old monstrosity, heavier than sin, with a picture tube and console frame, it barely worked anyway, but was better than nothing. Yesterday, after work, I saw the box out in the hallway. Roger, in 3F. 60 inches. 3D. Stupid bastard leaves his door unlocked every time he goes down to the laundry, and he’s got so much nice stuff. Would it hurt so much to share? I slam the remote down on the table, feeling the rush that comes with smashing something that has failed me.

I hear the cackling behind me. Oh, they’re ganging up on me now? That just makes me angrier, and I kick the piece of shit end table over. Sure, it was a gift from my grandmother, but she’s dead, and what does she care? But I haven’t put on my shoes, and that table has sharp corners. The pain clears my head, and I open up two more cages in my mind. I made one nicer than the other, and it traps one of them easily. The other likes to fight, but I win. It was out all night, and I’m well-rested.

At this rate, I’m going to be late for work, so I try to lure the last two in. A six egg omelet, topped with caviar – I keep a tin in the fridge just for emergencies like this. I hear the five in my head hooting their derision at me, just like always. But the trap works, and I’m able to get the last two locked up before the stench from the chicken and fish eggs turns my stomach.

They’re all in there now, lined up in the dark. They want me to let them free, but I won’t. I hope so, anyway – those cages are old. I step out into the world and wonder if everyone else goes through this every morning. But I’ll never know.

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2 Responses to “Mid-week Blues Buster, week 2.10”

  1. Wow. This is a dark sleek skidding ride! Perfection!

  2. As Ruth said, total perfection. A glorious dark ride through a mind.

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