Flash Friday, vol 2 week 25

Prompt: http://flashfriday.wordpress.com/2014/05/30/flash-friday-vol-2-25/

When Warren was naught but a tadpole, he asked Father what lay beyond the pool in which he was hatched.

“One day, I will show you, but the waterfall is too dangerous for one your size.”

But one day never came, for just as Warren was growing legs and shedding his tail, the goddess took Father for her own. So Warren stayed in the pool, though he came to be much too large to live in such a small space, and he was always alone.

The goddess did not want Warren to be alone, however. She had needed Father for another purpose in another pool, but so too did Warren have a purpose. Which is how it came to be that one night, during the summer solstice, she took living form. Reaching into the pool with hands of moss and ivy, she lifted him from the pool and set him, still asleep, on his way into the world.


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