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Mid week Blues Buster, year 2 week 13

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The streetlights were out, but I didn’t need them. The alley was a tunnel of lost hopes – dumpsters, rats, and lots of broken pieces of things that weren’t even worthy of taking the effort to throw them into the dumpsters. Razor thought I’d give in when he chose the site for the meet, but I was all-in. I didn’t have any options left, other than to go through with the whole thing, and that was how I was going to beat him.

I could hear what had once been broken glass grind under my feet as I stepped from the cab. I’d had to tip the driver my last $20 to take me to this part of town, and he sped away before I’d closed the door. Two of Razor’s men moved behind me, guiding me without speaking to the spot where they planned to kill me. Probably Bingo and Knives, I thought. They were dumb, but they’d do what they were told until the day they died. No way out there, or so they thought.

Halfway down the alley, a wan light shone from a single bulb. It marked the door of Razor’s club, though why anyone would want to belong to such a club was beyond me. Well – that’s not true. Five short months ago, I was knocking on the door, giving the password I’d bought for two hundred bucks and some false testimony to the cops, hoping against hope that they’d let me in. I thought I had been out of options then. Little did I know what being out of options really meant.

The door swung open without a creak, and Razor stepped out. So, he was going to take care of me himself. That, from what I’d heard, was a rarity, and it made what I was going to need to do just that much harder. He hadn’t gotten control of the east side because of his charming personality, and the stories of how he’d gotten that nickname were what had kept me up all night on my plan.

“I was gonna say that you’ve got balls, showing up like this, but you really just are that fuckin’ stupid that you think you’ll get out of here.” Razor’s voice was flat and high, barely above a whisper, and I knew that my plan would work. When he was angry, half the city could hear him.

“Oh, you kids are all the same. You’ll get one over on old Razor. Let me guess – you’ve got a plan where you’re going to get Knives to stab Bingo in the dark, and from there, all hell would break lose, until your moment came, and you’d be gone.

“Nice try.” I wasn’t even sure what happened, but suddenly my left side went numb. Knives was there, though, holding me up with one arm while his other drove a stiletto right through my spine. He worked it around a bit, then pulled it out, and that’s when the pain hit. I cried out, once, and fell to my knees. Razor knelt down next to me and put his hand on my shoulder. “I’ve got a dozen men, plus me, in this alley. You were fucked from the second you knocked on my door, but it took you five months to die.”

Razor stood back up and flipped a switch, flooding the alley with light. I could see them all now, even as my vision was starting to grow hazy. He drew his foot back and kicked me hard, right in the crotch. Watching me curl up into a mewling ball, he laughed. “Guess you do have balls after all, kid. Now, I gave you to Knives first because he drew the Ace of Spades, but all of my boys are going to get their turn tonight. It’s been a while, and they need the practice.”

VisDare 64: Awash

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Just because we could see the other side of the lake didn’t mean we knew what we would find when we got there. The distance kept changing – some days, we could see hills and trees, other days, just the faint shadow of something that was more than horizon. As we built the raft, tying branches from fallen pines together, the old ones warned against our going. If the gods had wanted us to be over there, we would have been put there. But the other side was there, and it called to us.

It seemed like our voyage would be short, no more than a day, or two. But though the other side remained visible, it never got any closer. Our side, our home, got further away, however, until one day, all we could see was something that was more than horizon to our west and nothing to our east.

Flash Frenzy, round 23

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Look at her, her speed, her grace, the smooth way she takes the corner, leaning inward to push around the turn at just the right angle. She runs like she was designed for it, never out of sync, never out of breath.

I loved her, of course. Everyone did – her teachers, her friends (although they’d never say such a thing, not at eleven, not with middle school looming with its cliques and its judgment), the boys on the street – but me, most of all. It had been just the two of us since cancer decided it needed to take her mother more than we needed her, but really it was me with her.

I was in awe of her the day she was born. No, she wasn’t supernaturally intelligent, or a baby who never cried sixteen times between dusk and dawn, but just the fact that she existed, had come from nothing and was suddenly this person, this screaming pink drooly pile of possibility. Who could stand a chance against something like that?

There she is again, coming down the hallway. I don’t know why she runs so much at home, when there are trails and tracks and all those things just half a block away at the park, but as soon as she had discovered what running was, she’d started making laps through the hall and the kitchen and the dining room. Couldn’t be more than a hundred feet or so, but around she goes, again and again and again. Back, well, before, she would run into her mother, carrying laundry or coming in from work, and there would be that test of wills. But her mother always let her win, for the same reason we all did.

I’d set the desk in my study so I could watch her run, silhouetted against the setting sun as she made that turn again. Sometimes, when I’d catch her in profile, I’d see her mother’s nose, and feel that ache and anger and passion rise up, because the past is never really past. But mostly, she was just herself, capable of anything, gliding into the future as smoothly as she ran.

Flash Friday, Vol 2, week 26

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Morning Prayer

Carlos ascended the mission tower as he had every morning, give or take, for, well, he couldn’t  remember how long. He’d once been young, he thought, although he thought that more because everyone starts out young than because he remembered anything about it.

And as he had every morning, he looked out the four windows, praying to the gods who dwelled there. Taldin to the north, and he threw his offering of ice – well, frost – out with the requisite words. Taldin’s sister, Amala, to the west, with her offering of loam. Their daughter, Missa, to the south, with the bird that flew away on the morning breeze and returned in the gales of the night. To the south, the one who called for Missa’s hand but was rejected. Ista, he was called, and his offering was flame. Only this morning, he needed no offering, for as Carlos looked southward, he saw the beacons of war. The nameless one had come.