Flash Friday, Vol 2, week 26

Prompt: http://flashfriday.wordpress.com/2014/06/06/flash-friday-vol-2-26/

Morning Prayer

Carlos ascended the mission tower as he had every morning, give or take, for, well, he couldn’t  remember how long. He’d once been young, he thought, although he thought that more because everyone starts out young than because he remembered anything about it.

And as he had every morning, he looked out the four windows, praying to the gods who dwelled there. Taldin to the north, and he threw his offering of ice – well, frost – out with the requisite words. Taldin’s sister, Amala, to the west, with her offering of loam. Their daughter, Missa, to the south, with the bird that flew away on the morning breeze and returned in the gales of the night. To the south, the one who called for Missa’s hand but was rejected. Ista, he was called, and his offering was flame. Only this morning, he needed no offering, for as Carlos looked southward, he saw the beacons of war. The nameless one had come.


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