Flash Friday Vol 2 – 33

Prompt: http://flashfriday.wordpress.com/2014/07/25/flash-friday-vol-2-33/

Years later, the elders would speak of the storm. There were certain words that weren’t spoken, at least not in polite company, but the subtext was there. Rising out of clear skies from the southeast, when the trade-winds came from the west, the three-master pulling into port didn’t have a chance. That anyone survived the wreck was nothing short of a miracle, much less that the survivor was a woman, no longer young.

She may have been alone after the wreck, but the laws required that she belong to a man. When the elders were approached to find one for her, however, not one volunteered. The ones who already had first wives were warned not to take “that witch” into their home. Since she was beyond childbearing age, the ones without didn’t want their chances of producing heirs to be eliminated.

And so she was allowed to be the first unfettered woman, rejected by all and finally at peace.


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