VisDare 71 – Ephemera


Pere had been the one to invite me to talk, here on our bench at the east side of Springdale Park, but he didn’t speak for the longest time, not until the fog had risen to glow in the moonlight.

“I’m broken, Penelope. I need to leave, and you can’t follow me.”

I knew he hadn’t been happy lately, but the finality of what he’d said – and the way he’d said it, so flatly, without any openings for hope – took my breath away. So I didn’t speak as he stood up and headed off into the fog. His footprints vanished slowly, the moisture in the air settling on the grass to cover any sign of his passing.

It’s been years since I’ve been back to Springdale Park. The temptation to hunt for signs of where he went was too strong at first, and he was right. I couldn’t follow him.


One Response to “VisDare 71 – Ephemera”

  1. I’ve already tweeted you on this, but still – this is a lovely entry. Always love to see you dip into the flash fiction world. Write on!

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