VisDare 76: Resolve


Her hand didn’t fit quite as well into mine as it had once upon a time, and it took a while for us to remember how to walk together, alone. The railroad ties were snow-covered, but not slippery, and we headed away from the cabin at a steady pace. With each step, I fought against letting them back in, the pieces of a life that intruded even into the most private places. If it wasn’t the kids, it was work. If it wasn’t work, it was the house. Or the car. Or family. Or friends. Pieces of a life filled with wonder, and tragedy, and love, beginnings and endings forming a maelstrom wrapping me in an ever-present cocoon. Once upon a time, although things never really were as we remember them in our dreams, it was her and me and a wide world of possibilities. They’d be expecting us back, I knew, before it got dark, but she and I had talked about it. Tonight was for us. We weren’t leaving, but we’d walk along this track, crunching our feet into the snow and breathing clouds into the air, step by step, until the cocoon fell away behind us like so many shards of ice. We’d walk until our arms swung in the smooth steady beat of our youth and we once again found ourselves alone. Together.


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