Flash! Friday, Vol 2, week 38

Prompt: http://flashfriday.wordpress.com/2014/08/29/flash-friday-vol-2-38/

“From the Frying Pan…”

“Coop. Coop! Come in Coop.” The radio was more static than signal, the result of the battle that had caused our ship to have trouble in the first place, but that wasn’t why I hadn’t heard Willie G’s first call. I eased my thumb over to the mic control as smoothly as I could.

“I’m here. Standby.”

“Standby? We’re in deep out here, if you didn’t know. We have to figure out how to get home pronto, and without guidance. Oh, and why the hell are you whispering? Houston got nuked, and it’s just us on the circuit, buddy.” I didn’t respond – it wasn’t safe. Not yet. The ship was in its thermal roll to keep from baking in the sun, and Willie wouldn’t be able to see what I could see for another thirty seconds.

But he at least had guns.

I hoped the thing that didn’t need a spacesuit and had twelve arms would wait that long.


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