Flash Friday Vol 2-39

Prompt: http://flashfriday.wordpress.com/2014/09/05/flash-friday-vol-2-39/

Labor Pains

“Captain, the planet is undergoing some sort of geologic instability. The epicenter appears to be half a kilometer to the west.”

“Dammit! I’ve spent my whole career looking for a place to retire, and I’m not leaving this planet unless I have to. Can we stay?”

“Unclear. The quakes are short-lived, but the time in between each is decreasing.”

“Fine. Let’s take the shuttle and fly around for a bit until they settle down. I hope the valley doesn’t collapse.”


Stella (for that is how the planet thought of herself) was having a bad day. She’d thought she’d given birth to her last moon billions of years ago, but these Stellaquakes couldn’t possibly be anything else. Oh, that hurt. Wasn’t she too old for this?

Obviously not.

Stella let the next quake open the cave near the northern edge of her largest continent. She hoped not too many creatures lived around there, because giving birth was really quite messy.


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