Flash Friday, 2-44, entry 1

Prompt: http://flashfriday.wordpress.com/2014/10/10/flash-friday-vol-2-44

Mikey knew mommy didn’t want him to know she was crying, so he waited until she’d left before wiping her tears from his cheek. Rachel was too little to be left alone all night, and he was nine, so it’d be alright. It’s not like he was alone – there were nurses and doctors and the little red and white button if he needed anything.

But Mikey didn’t think he’d push it. The operation had gone well – as well as could be hoped, the doctor’d said – and he wasn’t in much pain. Besides, the medication made him sleepy.

But there weren’t nurses and doctors around, not in Derry General, and not so late at night it was really morning. Not enough to notice the figures floating down the hall. And Rachel would’ve slept fine at Missy’s house, so Mikey’s mommy could have stayed with him, after all.

At least that way she’d have heard him scream when the clowns started eating.


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