Flash Friday, 2-44, entry 2

Some Children See Him

Tommy had only seen a clown in person once before, at Mitchell’s birthday, but he’d seen a lot on TV. He didn’t think this was a make-you-laugh kind of clown, however, despite the big red grin painted on his face. For one thing, Tommy knew he was still asleep – the doctor had told him that the medicine would keep him that way until the surgery was over. And for another, this clown was glowing.

“Hi Tommy.” His voice was friendly, though his eyes were sad. “Do you know who I am?”

Tommy hadn’t before, but with the asking came the knowledge. He swallowed, at least as much as someone in a waking dream swallows, and nodded. “You’re here to take me with you.”

“I am.”


“The doctor tried her hardest, Tommy, but sometimes that isn’t enough.”

“Will I be able to see daddy again?”

“Someday, Tommy. Someday.” And as Tommy started to glow, there was a faint, extended beep.


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