Flash Friday 2-51

Prompt: https://flashfriday.wordpress.com/2014/11/28/flash-friday-vol-2-51/

Breathe. She couldn’t breathe. Amy couldn’t breathe. There was air. She knew there had to be air. Others were laughing and talking as they passed by, oblivious to her distress. And breathing. They were all breathing. But there was no air. Her heart was still beating, pounding, pounding. Could they not hear it? How could they not hear it? Amy tried to swallow, hoping to break the stasis, to make her lungs work again, but her mouth was dry. Her mouth was dry and her hands were wet. Why wasn’t her body working right? One boy wasn’t walking past her. Scott was looking right at her. What was that look on his face? Fear? Confusion? Revulsion? He really should just leave and let her die, that would be best. Without knowing how, Amy nodded. Go ahead. Leave. Let me die here in this hallway. He didn’t leave. Scott didn’t. He just smiled. “Great, so I’ll see you at eight?”


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