VisDare 81


(Note: Of course I broke the word count rule. It’s a tradition, after all.)

I stretched, banging my toe on the footboard. A few months ago, and I wouldn’t have come near it wearing flippers, but these days, I felt like someone was stretching me in my sleep.

Thankfully, it was summer, and I’d be able to get away with some cutoffs. Mom probably would be angry about that – all of my clothes went to my younger brother – but my only other option was hiding inside all summer, and that was intolerable.

When Dad had gotten relocated, the only plus was that we were within biking distance of the beach. I’d watched teenagers surfing in movies for years, and I wanted that life. But I was too young for the girls in bikinis and too big for the kids my age to play with.

I ignored the kids ignoring me and splashed through the water. At least alone, I could be Godzilla. Or maybe Gamera. But a shout broke through my reverie, and I turned to see a Frisbee sailing at me. A few months ago, it would have sailed over my head, but today, I plucked it out of the air with ease.

“Nice catch!” The girl who’d thrown it jogged over to me, her hand out and her bikini bright red. “Hi, I’m Melissa. You just move here?”


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