VisDare 82


Kelly stopped, her hand on the doorknob, but didn’t turn back to look at me. “You think you want me, that you want us, but you don’t even know who you are. Your whole life is out of focus.

“I’m going now. You should leave too. Go find yourself.”

I didn’t watch her go. But I didn’t want to stay home, either.

It was cold, so I walked quickly, turning or crossing the street with the serendipity of the stoplights. I knew where I was going. It didn’t matter how I got there.

The gentle breeze was enough to disturb the surface of the river, and the reflection of the world around me looked as hazy as a mirage over blacktop. My image, however, was still. I was in focus.

I didn’t know if they’d find me after I dove into the water, and I didn’t care. I’d found myself.


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