ThursThreads, Week 154


“That’s five hundred for me…, three, four, five, and three hundred for you.” I counted the bills out on the back of an overturned milk crate, used as a makeshift desk in my ‘office.’ “That makes us even.”

Tommy wasn’t great at math, but even someone of his limited mental powers could tell the difference between five and three. “How do you figure? I thought we were going halfsies.”

“Because it was my plan, and I’m the older one. I’ll get in more trouble if we get caught, so I get more of the money.”


I scooted over, putting my arm around his shoulders. “Big Tom,” I began, because he always loved to be called big. “What are you going to use the money for?”

The smile on his face was instantaneous. “A new bike! There’s a bright red one down at Old Man Johnson’s. It’s got white-wall’d triers and a silver horn that honks like a geese, and…”

“And how much is that bike?”

“Old Man Johnson wants twenty dollars for it, which is why mamma said no.”

“And now you have three hundred, and mamma can’t say nothin’ no more, can she? But I don’t need a twenty dollar bike, do I?”

Tommy smile vanished, and his head hung. “No. You need medicine, don’t you?”

“I do, and it’s super-important. Mamma didn’t understand that, but you do. So, are we square?”

Tommy hugged me. “We’re square.”

Poor kid. I probably should have only given him two hundred.

250 words


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