Flash! Friday, Vol 3-10

Prompt: https://flashfriday.wordpress.com/2015/02/13/flash-friday-vol-3-10/

Of Mice and Men

“Kitten again?”

“We’re lucky to have found this one. With the war on, there’s no decent food to be found.”

“Pah. There isn’t even enough meat on that one for me, much less you. You, who should be dining on lion with Senators, reduced to scavenging in the streets.”

“I’ll make stock from the bones, and there’s some dried turnips in my pack. I’ll be fine. And you know there’s no Senate anymore, Grandpa. Not since the rebellion.”

“Ungrateful peasants. If I was your age, I’d grab my sword and show them what I thought of them. They used to run in fear from me, you know.”

“I know, Grandpa.”

“It got so they had to put four, five – one time, even six – in there with me, or it wasn’t a fair fight.”

“I remember, Grandpa.”

“Do you now? How do you remember, you pup? You wouldn’t have been let in at your age.”

“You used to sneak me in, Grandpa. Said I was small for my age. They didn’t believe it, but no one questioned you.”

“Ha. They wouldn’t have. And look at me now. And you – reduced to eating kitten broth.”

“I know, Grandpa. Eat up, now. They’re sure to find us if we don’t move again soon.”


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