ThursThreads – Year Three!


“So there I am, pointing ol’ Betsy here at the two mopes, and the dame won’t shaddup. I told her to split, and she was all like ‘If they stay, I stay.’ Y’know, like she was some hero broad or sometin.”

“Yeah, so whadya do?”

“I whacked all tree of them, that’s what I did.”

“Holy shit, George. You know who she wuz, right?”

“I hadn’t seen her mug before in my life, and I don’t care if she was Mary, Queen’a da Scots. Those two hadta die, and she didn’t scram when I told her to scram. I don’t like loose ends. Why, who wuz she? Some high-society broad?”

“Naw, not that kinda dame. She was Mickey’s daughter, Louisa.”

“Whathefuck do I care if she was Mickey’s daughter or what her name was? Mick knows he’s fish food he ever comes my way, and he thinks he can do da same to me, with or without no daughter. So now he’s extra honked off. Big deal.”

“Big deal is dat he loved her sumpin’ fierce. She was his only girl, y’know. Man like dat don’t take this lyin’ down, fish food or no.”

“So I’ll watch out for Mick. Geez, what crawled in your butt about dis girl? You know I can handle myself against Mickey freakin’ McWhateverthefuckhisnameis.”

“It ain’t Mickey you should be worryin’ about right now, George.”

“Meanin’ what?”

“Meanin’ she wasn’t just Mick’s daughter.”

“What the fuck you talkin’ about?”

“She was my fiancée.”


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