Flash Friday Vol 3 week 12

William the Conqueror

The Conqueror crushed boulders beneath his enormous feet, striding through the blasted land like a child through a sandbox. There were none who would dare oppose him, not since the Battle of the Feast at his last birthday celebration. Many things ended that day, and The Conqueror wasn’t happy. If there is no one to be conquered, who is The Conqueror to be?

With every step, The Conqueror came closer to the scene of the Battle. The destruction was wide-ranging that day, and The Conqueror had to avoid the remnants of the Seventh Fleet, the Great Rose Garden, and a shrubbery before he came to the epicenter.

There was naught here but destruction. The grass that was able to grow was forever tinted a fluorescent green. A ring of brightly colored trains were smashed face-first into the bark of an oak tree. And the debris from a dozen dozen dismembered beings would forever stand as a warning to all those who would dare oppose The Conqueror.

But wait? What was this, over here, near the fish pond? Was that his Bumblebee? And in the water? Hotshot? Mommy said they’d been lost in the Battle. The Conqueror smiled, and strode into the water. There was still Conquering to do, after all.


One Response to “Flash Friday Vol 3 week 12”

  1. So much to be conquered!

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