Flash! Friday: Vol 3-16


Never Alone

The jeering began as soon as she started up the path to the clinic.

“I told you that boy was trouble. But you always knew better than me, didn’t you, you little tramp? Spread your legs enough times and you’re bound to catch something.”

Julia spun around. “M…mom?” Her mom was a thousand miles away, and Julia hadn’t even told her. How could…

But of course she couldn’t. Julia was alone in the chill of the morning.

“Your mother was never strict enough, and your father… He was a man, I knew he’d lay with any strumpet who’d have him. At least the whores he visited were smart enough to take precautions. They’re Jezebels, but you’re a murderer.”

“Grandmother Collins? But you’re.” Julia shook her head, tried to clear the screeching from her ears. She’d never once had her Grandmother’s approval when she was alive, and apparently nothing had changed in death.

Julia wrapped her arms tightly around herself and fought her way to the door. The voices in her head reached a crescendo as she took the handle. Her foot hovered over the threshold, absorbing every argument, making them part of herself.

When her foot finally came down, Julia stepped into her new world. But not alone. Never alone.