Thursday Threads, Year 3, week 2


I heard the thump-thump-thump of her feet behind me and cursed under my breath. All week long, she’s mesmerized by singing ducks, and now that I needed a half-hour to get something done, she wanders away. “Daddy, what are you doing?”

“Just fixing the bed, sweetie.” I didn’t want her to see this. Though she probably – hopefully – wouldn’t understand what I was doing, she might repeat it to her grandma. That’d be awkward.

“Were you jumping on the bed? Mommy tells me that if I jump on the bed, I’ll break it.”

“Uhhh, something like that, honey.” Well, not really. The bed was actually fine.

“Will mommy yell at you?” If I do this right, she’ll yell – though not really *at* me.

“No, sweetie. Mommy asked me to fix this. She’ll be happy.”

“Okay.” Her little arm dashed out. “What’s this, daddy?” Before I could react, she screamed.

“My hand is stuck! Daddy! Daddy! Get it out!”

“I will, Janie. Hold on a second while Daddy gets the key. I know that hurts.” I released her little arm from the handcuffs and rubbed the skin to get rid of red marks. “Is that better?”

“Yes.” She was still teary, but she’d be fine. “I think I’m gonna go watch more duckies.”

“You do that, honey. I love you.”

When she was gone, I checked the chains I’d installed on the bed. They were in good and tight. And, boy, was mommy gonna get it tonight for sticking me with this.


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