VisDare 106


“You hear about Bennie?” Lennie knew that Jennie and Rennie had heard about Bennie. Everyone’d heard about Bennie. But what else was there to say? Traffic was slow.

“Ya tink he’ll talk?” Rennie was a ‘fraidy cat. Even Jennie knew that, but she was sweet on him, and Lennie would do anything for his little sis.

“Of course he’ll talk. But what can he say? He only handled the cash, not the product. People coulda been buying cilantro for all he knew.”

“He could rat me out, Lennie. He knows I did somethin’. Don’t think I could handle life in the pound.”

“You’ll handle life in the pound, sis, just like Paw did and just like I did.” Lennie smacked Jennie and Rennie in the heads. Not hard. Just enough. “And just like Bennie will. We gotta protect Mawmaw.”

They’d told Mawmaw you couldn’t train a cat. They was wrong.


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