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#ThursThreads week 222

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Not until I know for sure that the medication has taken hold do I loosen the blindfold. Without the sedation she’d have screamed when she saw me. But with it she was delusional, believing I was her husband, handsome and rich and someone who wouldn’t rape her.

Oh, she’ll come out of her fugue state when I first penetrate her, the pain will take care of that.

And then she’ll be dead, which is too bad, because I think she really could’ve loved me, if she had been willing to talk to me, even to smile at me, to notice how much I loved her.

I looked down at her, tied down to my bed, and marveled at the dress she was wearing. Long enough to know she wasn’t a slut, short enough to give me just a little glimpse of thigh when she strolled past me on the sidewalk. She wanted that, I knew, and more – she wanted me to see all the way up – but when I told her so, told her what I could do to her pussy if she just gave me a chance, she turned and walked away.

Walked. Away. From a compliment from a nice man? What kind of woman does that?

She actually started crying before I penetrated her, when she felt me stripping her, no matter how much I complimented her lying bitch mouth or goddamned whore cunt.

Not that it stopped me, of course. I was hard, and she was mine.


VisDare 141

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Randall fidgeted with the borrowed shirt, made for a smaller man in another time. He didn’t know why this getup was necessary, but Satan had been specific. “Every detail, or the deal is off.”

Beside him, Shondra smiled for him. The cancer hadn’t found its way to her eyes yet, and they twinkled with the absurdity of the situation. They were still young, still loved life and the world and each other with silly passion, and if Randall wanted to play old-timey pretend, she’d go along with it. Someday soon she’d be spending every day in pain, so why not enjoy what joy the world still held?

The photographer lined them up, positioning them just so.

Then a countdown, a flash, and Randall felt his lungs turn to fire. He had it now, and she was free. One death and one soul, a small price to pay for one life.