Mid-week flash challenge, week 63

For some, the future was cloudy, but I knew what I wanted. I knew which path was the right one for me. They tried to talk me out of it, did my friends, my family, passersby. “There are better ways,” they’d cry. But there weren’t. Who were they to tell me what to do? They didn’t know my heart. They didn’t know the lengths I’d go to in order to achieve my goals. Some, I’m sure, thought I’d fail. That I’d come back to them, broken, and they’d have the job of rebuilding me, of keeping me together as the sinews of my life weakened. Others, I know, thought I’d succeed, and pass into something they didn’t understand. They would understand though, each in their own time. We all transcend, but explaining what it’s like on the other side of the wall is like explaining flight to a stick. It wouldn’t know – couldn’t understand – until it was thrown, and then it would be changed forever.

I stood on the beach, contemplating the bridge into the deep. It was time for my journey. I took one step, and then another. They screamed behind me, begging me to stop, but I was in a different place, I inhabited a different way of being, I had a different journey than they did. They couldn’t reach me in time, and for that, I smiled. As the water rose over my mouth I didn’t doubt. As I covered my nose, I breathed deeply, though I choked. Death was just the final step of life, and it was my turn. I was glad.