Menage Monday, week 2×04

The two men frog-marched their friend down the street and through the door.

“Alex here needs a tattoo!”

Alex fought to get away. “No, no. Please no. I’ll do it right next time, I promise!”

The tattoo artist looked up from the skull and crossbones she was doing and said, “You’ve got to get your friend in line or I’m not doing it. Against the law to tattoo someone against their will.”

“Oh, c’mon! He deserves it.”

“What did he do?”

“He didn’t vote. Said it didn’t matter who got elected.”

The tattoo artist nearly dropped her tool. “What a…” She paused and looked down at the rebellious teenager in front of her. “You’ll have to wait, sweetie. I’ve got to take care of this.”

Marching up to Alex, she grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him down with surprising strength. “You dumbass! Fuck the law, you’re getting done, and now.” Turning to his friends, “His forehead, I presume?”

“Damn straight.”

And that’s hope Alex spent the rest of his life with “Blame me, I didn’t vote” tattooed on his forehead.


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